Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock

Stewart Brothers is a family owned business well rooted in Memphis community. Jim & Marilyn Dempsey are the beginning of 3 generations of family members who work for Stewart Brothers on a full time or part time basis.

1887 Stewart Brothers opened at 3rd & Union where the Peabody Hotel currently sits. The business began as a blacksmith/hardware store.

1900 Store moved to 86 North Main where the Lowenstein Tower currently stands.

1934 Moved to 1340 Madison Ave. At that time this was the center of town. East Parkway was the city limits.

Feb 12, 1962 A farmer from Missouri, James Edward Dempsey (Jim), came to work for the store. Jim began acquiring stock from the three separate owners at that time with plans to own.

1969 Expansion project taking in the area previously named the Cross Town Café just behind the store. This added approximately 1,200 additional sq ft at the back of the store.

1972 Rented additional space & further expansion into metal doors & frames. Bringing in a locksmith service was a natural fit, and thus began Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock

1975 Jim became sole owner of the company.

1977 Opened the Bartlett store where Hwy 70 Baptist Church & School prevously resided. The principle of the school was also the pastor of the church. He was offended by one student’s long hair & decided to cut it without consent. The school became disbanded in 1976 due to this action. Jim purchased this location once it became available.

1981 Expanded the front of Bartlett store.

1987 Built the neighboring strip center.

2010 Opened two Ace neighborhood hardware stores. One located at Dexter & Germantown Parkway and the other at Quince & White Station Road. Both doing business as Stewart Brothers Ace Hardware

Nothing throws a wrench in the day’s plans like finding out your keys are not where they should be. Whether that’s inside a locked car, or on the other end of town on someone else’s key ring, almost everyone experiences such a predicament at some point. So who do you call when it happens to you? Call Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock’s 24-hour Locksmith to get a trained professional to you quickly. Time ticks away fast when you can’t get to what you need to, and our locksmiths are equipped and trained to open locks, even for cars that require transponder keys. With service 24 hours per day and a fast response time, our expert technicians will come to you any time of the day or night to assist you.

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