Door Frames and Hardware


Door frames and hardware take a beating from usage & weather. Many of the older buildings & homes in Memphis need to have the frames or hardware replaced. In many cases we can repair your damaged door with new hardware & attention. However, if your door is a security risk & needs to be replaced, we’ll help suggest the best option to meet the weather, traffic & security needs of the opening & provide installation. Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock offers a wide variety of doors, frames & closers. Our techs are often complimented for their effective solution to improving the functionality & appearance of each entrance. Emergency services are available as needed. Your first line of defense against theft is your locked door. We’ll help you keep criminals at bay with high quality pick proof locks, interlocking plates, kick plates and many other security devices. Keeping your family safe is always our number one priority.

  • Commercial Doors and Frames
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Iron Security Storm Doors
  • Electric Locks and Access Control Systems
  • Exit Devices and Alarms
  • Iron Security Door Locks, Frames and Hinges


Many Memphis general contractors, developers, hospital facilities & malls use Stewart Brothers to fulfill their project’s hardware needs. Our commercial accounts team will review plans & provide detailed estimates along with great service of on-time deliveries. Builders can count on Stewart Brothers’ depth of experience to assist them with selecting the proper item(s) for their application. If you’re project includes hardware, entrance repairs, doors replacements, frames, locks or closers contact us for a free estimate.

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