Hardware Store

Fall & Winter Hours:

7a-6p Mon-Sat

11a-3p Sun

Spring & Summer Hours:

7a-7p Mon-Sat

10a-4p Sun

Times change with Daylight Savings time.


We also supply anything you can expect from a local hardware store as well as seasonal items to meet the needs of our community residents.

Now in stock for the holidays:

  • Horsefeed
  • Straw & Hay
  • Firewood Bundles
  • Come see our bench made knife display!
  • Contractors & Do-It-Yourselfers Welcome
  • Special Orders & Hard To Find Items
  • Builders Hardware
  • Commercial Doors & Frames
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Iron Security Storm Doors
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Livestock Feed
  • Small Engine Repair

Many people think that locksmiths are mostly for opening your car or house doors when you forget where you left your keys. But did you know that a licensed and experienced locksmith can help you better secure your home and protect your valuables? Not all locks are created equal, and we can help you find one that meets your security needs and fits within your budget. A good locksmith knows how to properly install locks and cut keys so you can count on them to let you in and keep everything else out. We also sell and service safes and strongboxes to protect your especially valuable items. Safes can be overlooked as too expensive for most people, but they not only protect your belongings in case of a break in, but also in the event of disasters such as flooding, storms, and fire.

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