Your security is our main concern, if you answer “No” to any of the
security survey questions below, please give us a call.
Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock

Are common areas such as mailboxes, building entrances, or parking areas illuminated at night?

Is building address visible from the street both day and night?

Are shrubs, bushes, and other plant growth within 4 feet of a sidewalk, driveway, door, gate, or window maintained at a height of 2 feet or less?

Are trees located so that they cannot be used to climb to an upper level of the building?

Is there a fence around the parking area that is secured?

Are exterior lights controlled by photocells or motion detectors instead of manual switches?

Are doors and windows on detached buildings kept locked?

Are exterior phone or power lines protected so they cannot be cut?

Are outside utility boxes padlocked to prevent unauthorized access?

Do exterior doors have deadbolt locks & door viewers?

Are door locks in good repair?

Is there a burglar alarm system with cellular backup?

Is there an access control, high security, or masterkey system in use?

Are valuables kept in a safe?

When you or your family’s security is at stake, having qualified professionals you can trust is of supreme importance. That’s why Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock is dedicated to excellence and quality service. Maintaining 128 years’ reputation of reliability and efficiency in the Memphis area, our locksmiths are experts in their field and able to assist with any type of lockout situation or other lock or security related needs. From car locks and front doors to safes and security systems, Stewart Brothers Hardware & Lock has you covered. Our technicians are available twenty-four hours a day to assist with emergency lockouts, and our highly-trained and certified personnel are equipped to handle any type of lock. In an emergency, call 901-377-1234 to get timely help from a locksmith company you can trust. For non-emergency lock or key related services, or for an estimate or consultation with one of our professionals, please stop by and visit us.

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